Do not shop Secret Spot Surfshop in Nags Head, NC

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I shop at this store Secret Spot Surfshop in Nags, NC and i hate it. I wish i didn't stop there at all waste of my time.

I was at the register waiting for someone to ring me up but i didn't see anybody. Had sign says "open" but no one was in the store. 30 mins later someone ask me if i need any help i turn around there was a man and a woman smells like ***. I told them that i been here for 30 mins and the woman got mad at me because she didn't see me.

I just walk out the door never look back again. Bad service, shoppers beware about this store.

Plus their prices specially their clothing line are very expensive and the employees are not friendly at all. They have surfboards done it cheaply and the tiki's too, very low quality and they sell it so high price and it's a rip off.

Review about: Clothing.


Manteo, North Carolina, United States #1129111

This was written by the owners ex wife after he kicked her out for being a tramp and she got diddly squat!! Funny stuff really!! Glad he got rid of that gold digging ho who works in Va.Beach as an escort and exotic dancer.Best surf shop on the Outer Banks hands down!!


Haha. Everything said here is a joke.

That place rocks. Whoever this is, is an imbecile. I know this because I've 1) ridden their boards for the last 10 years(not one regret, seriously their great), 2) they straight up guarantee the lowest prices, 3) the staff actually care about their customers beyond the sales counter. And I'm just going to stop there.

The person that wrote that rreview, well, just go in and see for yourself.

Suffolk, Virginia, United States #752937

Couldn't help but comment...sounds suspicious to me as well. Been going there 2-3 times a year for more than 15 years and have always had great service.

Prices are also low in comparision to other shops. Person seems to know a lot about the store if they were only in there once for 30 minutes??

Riverview, Florida, United States #701749

I've been going to this shop for well over 30 yrs. My kids now ride a board i bought there as a kid myself. Not enough good things I could say about them.

Suffolk, Virginia, United States #697767

Sounds suspicious to me. Been going to Secret Spot for more than 20 years and never had anything but great service and prices. Love that store and the employees are always great


well why did in the world did you wait that long?????????????? 5 min is long enuff after that your own fault.......

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